Leadership and Advisors

Joseph Scalea, MD, Founder

Dr. Scalea is a practicing transplant surgeon and one of the busiest pancreas transplant surgeons in the United States.  

His career focuses on improving access to transplantation regardless of geography. Dr. Scalea developed each of the ideas and technologies which have blossomed into TLI products. Dr. Scalea was the first to move a human organ by drone. Dr. Scalea’s education and training took place at Virginia Tech, the University of Maryland, Harvard University, and the University of Wisconsin. He is the director of Pancreas Transplantation at the University of Maryland.

Gerard Eldering, CEO

Gerard is CEO of TLI and the founder of InnovateTech Ventures, a venture creation firm focused on the commercialization of university technologies through startup company formation. Gerard has participated in the formation of more than 15 tech startups, led the successful sale of a technology consulting firm and has raised more than $3.0M in seed capital. Prior to founding InnovateTech, he founded and served as Director of the TTO at The MITRE Corporation and served as a USAF Helicopter Instructor Pilot. Gerard holds a B.A. in Physics, and an M.B.A. from the University of Maryland - Robert H. Smith School.

Charlie Alexander, Advisor

Charlie Alexander has been active in the field of transplantation since 1995. He began his career at The Living Legacy Foundation of Maryland as an Operating Room Perfusionist and later fulfilled the role of Organ Recovery Coordinator. In 1999, he started the Hospital Development Department for the organization and later became the Manager of Hospital Services. In 2003, he became the Director of Clinical and Hospital Services. In April of 2004, Charlie was recruited to become the President & CEO of the organization. 


The Office of Tech Transfer at then University of Maryland Baltimore (UMB) has assisted Dr. Scalea since 2016 with the advancement of TLI’s cutting edge technologies. 

Peter Friend, Advisor

 Peter is one of two academic founders of OrganOx and has been its medical director since April 2008, being primarily responsible for the pre-clinical and clinical trials of OrganOx's patented normothermic organ perfusion technology. Peter is Professor of Transplantation at the University of Oxford and Director of the Oxford Transplant Centre, where he is responsible for the kidney, small bowel and pancreatic transplant programmes. 


The Maryland Technology Development Corporation (TEDCO) has provided grant funding for Dr. Scalea’s research which is the basis for TLI. TEDCO provides resources and connections that early stage technology and life sciences companies need to thrive in Maryland.

Team Members

Unpiloted OPO Consortium


The Unpiloted OPO Consortium was established in 2019 and is actively working with TLI to advance the concept of utilizing unmanned aircraft for organ delivery as well as improving organ monitoring in route. In the consortium there are 5 OPOs representing each geographic region of the United States. The consortium is committed to generating ideas and technologies which will make unpiloted organ flights a reality.


OrganOx Limited develops device known as Metra to store livers outside the body at normal body temperature. It engages in the research and study for test and transplant of livers. The company’s products are used to preserve the livers before transplantations. OrganOx Limited was incorporated in 2008 and is based in the Oxford, United Kingdom. 

University of Maryland Medical Center


The University of Maryland Medical Center (UMMC) is the heart of the University of Maryland Medical System's downtown campus. The hospital provides comprehensive care for the West Baltimore community and tertiary care for Maryland and the surrounding area. Founded in 1823 as the Baltimore Infirmary, UMMC is one of the nation's oldest academic medical centers.

The University of Maryland UAS Test Site


The UMD Test Site is a leading research and operations facility led by experts in military and civilian aviation, engineering, and project management. Test site experts leverage decades of experience and cutting-edge technology to accelerate the safe, responsible application of UAS in public and private industries.


Accella is a Maryland based IT strategy and development firm with extensive experience designing HIPAA compliant apps.



The Maryland Development Center helped Dr. Scalea to build the initial HOMAL device, which assesses extrinsic forces experienced by organs during shipment.