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Until now, shipped organs have been unmonitored. Present organ shipment is data poor and quality is not tracked. The human organ transplant monitoring apparatus for long-distance travel (HOMAL) reliably provides real time organ status and physiology data during shipment to organ transplant physicians. These data help improve organ quality. 

COM app

Until now, surgeons had no way to know where their accepted organs were in space and time, once accepted. The comprehensive organ management (COM) app allows surgeons and physicians to access organ offers, accepted organs, and archived organ data. They can track using active maps the location and ETA of transplantable organs. The COM app and system are available for a monthly subscription.

Power: The COM System back end

OPOs need to spend valuable time and effort sending critical data to surgeons by phone, text, and email in a non-standardized fashion. Improved communication between OPOs and surgeons could improve organ acceptance, data security, and data organization. Built by Accella, our high-power IT platform (COM system) will efficiently catapult your team to light speed.

Organ Drones

Dr. Scalea and the TLI team partners the most innovative drone companies to use the fastest, safest, and coolest drones available. Our goal is to move organs to their final location ASAP. Estimates suggest that as much as 70% of cold ischemia time may be eliminated using TLI’s technologies.